A History of Haden Young

On 1st July 2009 Balfour Kilpatrick and Haden Young merged to become Balfour Beatty Engineering Services. The company is now one of the UK’s largest providers of specialist mechanical and electrical services.

Haden Young was an acknowledged leader in building services contracting.  Their expertise delivers integrated mechanical and electrical services for commercial, industrial and public sector buildings across the United Kingdom.

Their people supported and complemenedt industry leading construction teams from project budgeting advice to commissioning.   Haden Young proficiency in designing and delivering air-conditioning, heating, plumbing and fire protection as well as power, lighting, data, security and building management projects throughout the country.

Building services play a fundamental role in providing comfortable, safe and productive environments for building occupiers.  Our partnering style ensures the teams we work within understand and meet the needs of facility owners, users and maintainers.

Haden Young had a record of achievement going back to the industrial revolution. Today, our company employs some 1,400 people in a countrywide network of offices. Our capabilities include design, installation, construction and project management and our supply chain management allows us to bring ‘best in class’ solutions to the most complex requirements.

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